IKEA adds air purifier to Home Smart series

IKEA introduces an air purifier that is compatible with the Trådfri connection hub and can be controlled from the IKEA Home smart app. The Starkvind air purifier will be released in October for 100 euros. A version integrated in a table costs 149 euros.

When the Starkvind air purifier is linked to a Trådfri connection hub, it is possible to adjust the fan speed from the IKEA Home smart app. The app also shows air quality data using a built-in sensor. The air purifier can also be operated manually and has five fan speeds and an automatic mode.

According to IKEA, the Starkvind air purifier is suitable for rooms up to an area of ​​​​20 square meters. The air purifier works with up to three filters; the front one catches particles such as hair and dust, the second filter is intended to filter out fine dust and pollen. Optionally, a carbon filter can be used to filter gases and unpleasant odours.

The Starkvind air purifier will be on sale from October. A separate version that can be placed standing costs 100 euros and a side table with the air purifier integrated costs 149 euros. IKEA is going to sell individual filters for 10 euros. In addition to smart lighting, IKEA’s Home Smart system also includes roller blinds and speakers in the Symfonisk series.