ChatGPT is available again in Italy after a previous ban

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ChatGPT is available again in Italy. OpenAI met the requirements of the Italian privacy watchdog and now better informs Italian users about how and why their data is used. The company also added an age verification tool to the website.

According to the Associated Press editors Italian users of ChatGPT will now also be able to consult a new form that allows them to object to the collection and use of their data by OpenAI.

The Italian privacy watchdog says it is satisfied with the adjustments that OpenAI has made. The authority does state that there are still some requirements on the table. For example, the American research company should better inform Italians about their right to refuse data collection via ChatGPT and the age verification tool should be further adjusted.

At the end of last month it became known that Italy had banned ChatGPT. According to the Italian privacy authority, OpenAI did not process user data of Italian citizens as prescribed by the GDPR. The authority also noted that there was no age filter that could prevent minors from using the AI ​​tool. Finally, the authority referred to a previous data breach that exposed users’ names, email addresses, billing addresses, payment details and history of entered prompts. This data breach was according to Bleeping Computer caused by a bug.

New notification on Italian version ChatGPT

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