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GoPro announces 220 euro cost Hero action camera

Gopro has “Linear field of view” in camera option. You can immediately film without a Fish-eye effect.
And in the old familiar (but written off) Gopro Studio there was also an option to remove Fish-eye afterwards.

In Photoshop and Lightroom (Adobe) there are standard correction profiles for Gopro models, No idea if these also work on the Yi models.

The Gopro 5 and 6 also have Digital image stabilization (Hero 6 on 4K + F30).

I think the market for the Actioncam cameras will be smaller because the Hype is / has been saturated. In recent years, action cams have not only been used by athletes and / or difficult spaces, but by the masses because of the Hype. “The” ordinary tourist “also runs with a Gopro on top of the cap attached by a church or museum :)

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