Photoshop web: what it is and what the version with artificial intelligence offers

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We are going to explain to you what the web version of Photoshop is and what it offers , which after two years in beta phase has already been officially launched. This is a version that is still paid, but that offers artificial intelligence tools in addition to the main functions of the tool.

Let’s start by telling you what exactly web photoshop is, so you can understand its concept. And then we will tell you what the tools it offers are and how it is different, so you can decide if you want to use it.

What is Photoshop web

Photoshop web is an online version of Photoshop that Adobe has been testing in beta since 2021. What this version is is what it seems, a way to use Photoshop directly from the browser , without needing to install anything.

This allows you not to be limited by your computer’s hardware, since all Photoshop work is done online from the company’s servers. In addition, you can use it from any operating system , as it does not depend on an application but on a website.

This web version is characterized because it includes artificial intelligence functions , with which you will be able to create images and edit your photographs by creating content within them using this technology.

The only requirement is a browser compatible with webAssembly, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari among others. Furthermore, as is logical since it is an online version, you will also need a stable Internet connection, and one that is also as fast as possible.

Finally, you should know that the web version of Photoshop with AI will be paid . To be able to use it, you will need to have one of the Creative Cloud paid plans. From Adobe they say that they have tried to offer a free version, but that they finally decided not to do so.

In essence, what Adobe is looking for with this launch is that if you pay for Photoshop you can use it anywhere , and if you don’t have time to download the desktop version on a computer, you can work through its web version.

What Photoshop Web offers

This new web Photoshop offers a simplified Photoshop layout , making it a little easier to use for inexperienced users. In addition, it has been adjusted to integrate correctly into browsers, and you can also adjust the way in which some of its options are displayed.

The web version of Photoshop has integrated Firefly , a generative AI model. This model allows you to add elements to a photo, delete them or even enlarge the image using a textual prompt in up to 100 different languages. All this while being able to select people, animals, objects and other elements within a photo.

In addition to this, Photoshop web also offers the most common manual tools of the desktop version, although as we have said, with a redesigned look. Includes options such as a context bar that suggests relevant steps within your workflow. Photoshop on the web also allows you to invite other users to collaborate on specific projects or edits.

To save the images you create, you will use the space in your Adobe account, which, since you need a paid subscription, will offer you several gigabytes to be able to save a lot of content.

Finally, tell you that the web version has already been implemented for Creative Cloud subscribers , so if you are a subscriber you can now start using it directly from the Adobe website . The cheapest subscription is 24.19 euros per month, although you have a 7-day free trial.

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