This exoskeleton allows you to ski as if you were twenty years younger

In the heavy industry, they are already being used: exoskeletons. These are robotic accessories that help people to do hard labour without overloading their bodies. But who says that you can not apply that kind of technology in the hobby sphere? That is the idea that Startup Roam Robotics had when they started working on their prototype exoskeleton that is meant to make it easier and better to ski.
The Roam Ski should be able to help both pro and amateur skiers. It looks like a pair of leg braces attached to a backpack and working with a kind of wind pockets that let air in or out when the user bends his or her knees. In this way the load on the leg muscles is significantly reduced and that makes it a lot easier to be able to continue skiing or even to do things that you did not succeed at first.

Shock absorbers deluxe

According to the company, you can see the exoskeleton as a set of intelligent shock absorbers for your legs. This not only means that you can continue as an accomplished ski fan even faster and longer (good for training), but that older athletes can go on longer and feel like they are twenty years younger.
As mentioned, there are currently only prototypes, but a commercial variant of the Roam Ski is planned for next year. You can reserve a set for the small amount of $ 100, but then you’ll have to add between 1900-2400 dollars on delivery before you get one. Not a cheap joke.

According to people who have tried the building, it makes you virtually lift a piece when you make a turn, so that there is less pressure on your legs. Sounds good, but that price will stop many people from buying it. That is why Roam is mainly interested in how they can rent the exoskeletons on slopes.
That will initially only be in the US (Tahoe and Park City, to be precise), but if it is workable you will soon see these braces on slopes in Europe as well. Sounds good, because if you just like me have not skied for a long time and are not in the best shape anymore, this sounds like a fantastic device.