BMW is converting classic MINI into electric cars once

The classic MINI Cooper from the sixties is back, thanks to BMW . They have made a limited edition electric MINI to promote their electric line-up to new cars . Separate choice, but fans of the design of the small car will not complain. This is a restored MINI that looks exactly like you remember, including stripes and round headlights, but with an electric motor.
The three-door car will be shown this week at the New York International Auto Show. At BMW they see it completely. “The electric motor contributes to the unmistakable go-kart feeling that the small British car has gained worldwide popularity,” they say. There is, however, bad news: you will not be able to buy this car.
It’s really a one-time promotion, they say at BMW. The classic car would probably be very popular if there was an electric version on the market, but MINI is really going to work with a revamped model in the future. Maybe even better, because although the idea of a classic MINI with battery sounds good, the concept car only has a range of 90 kilometres.
Worse: he can only travel a maximum of 100 kilometers per hour. Well, you could say that this is historically accurate, but even for [MINI] concepts, that is slow. We do not have that much. It is also more a statement with a nice PR-hook, something to indicate that BMW really intends to put in all electric motors. Still a shame: a nice little electric car with a nice range would please many people.

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