Google tests entering text commands in Chrome

Google has started testing Commander, a feature in Chrome for entering text commands in a separate interface. This allows users to quickly activate functions, or open a Google Docs, Sheets or Meet page.

The feature is active in the Canary version of Chrome 91, Techdows discovered. That works by activating the flag for Commander and restarting the browser. After that, users can press Crtl-Space to open a separate menu at the top center of the browser.

Via that menu it is possible to search for commands via text, such as opening or closing tabs, bookmarking tabs and all other browser functions. It is also possible to create a new Google Doc, Google Sheet or Google Meet conference with the menu. Most commands were already accessible by key combinations.

It is unknown what exactly Google wants with the function and whether it will be available in the browser in this variant. The interface is reminiscent of Quick Commands in the Vivaldi browser, Techdows notes. Chrome 91 should be released around the end of May according to the current release pattern.