Micron releases 4TB version of external Crucial X6 SSD for 495 euros

Micron is releasing two new variants of its Crucial X6 external SSDs with USB-C connection. There will be a 4TB model and a 500GB version. Versions with a storage capacity of 1TB and 2TB already appeared last year.

The external Crucial X6 SSDs have a housing with dimensions of 69x64x11mm and weigh 42 grams. According to Micron, they can withstand drops from a height of two meters. The new 4TB version achieves a read speed of up to 800MB/s; for the existing 1TB and 2TB versions, this was a maximum of 560MB/s. Micron does not mention the speed of the 500GB version. The manufacturer also does not mention write speeds.

Micron does not provide details about the memory used and the controller in the external SSDs. The Crucial X6 SSDs have a USB Type-C connection and use USB 3.2 Gen2, which is the new name for USB 3.1 and thus equals a maximum throughput of 10Gbit/s. Micron also includes a USB-A adapter.

The 4TB model of the Crucial costs 495 euros and the 500GB version has a suggested retail price of about 70 euros. The 1TB and 2TB versions, which have been available since last year, are listed in the Pricewatch for prices of approximately 100 and 200 euros respectively.