Statcounter: Linux had more than three percent desktop market share for the first time

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Linux had a market share of just over three percent in June according to Statcounter measurements. It is the first time that the operating system in that analysis tool has achieved such a high adoption rate and it is the highest share that Linux has ever achieved.

Statcounter counted in June this year a market share of 3.08 percent for Linux use on desktops. That’s the highest market share since at least early 2009, when Statcounter started collecting statistics. At that time, Linux still had a market share of 0.64 percent. Exactly five years ago, in June 2018, Linux had a 1.64 percent share. The share had risen to 2.42 percent by early 2023.

Statcounter’s figures do not distinguish between different distros. This also makes it difficult to say whether these are distros for desktops only or also for server PCs.

Chrome OS also achieved a record market share. That OS was measured last month at 4.13 percent. That is the highest share ever and also the first time that Chrome OS has exceeded four percent in the Statcounter statistics.

The figures mainly show that Windows still dominates as an operating system. It had a market share of 68.23 percent in June. MacOS is making progress; it had a 21.32 percent market share in June, compared to 14.61 percent at the beginning of this year. FreeBSD and ‘unknown operating systems’ together made up 3.24 market share, but FreeBSD is only 0.01 percent of the measured desktops.

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