Firmware Update: Sandisk Sansa Clip 02.01.35 / 01.01.35

Sandisk has for her last month Sansa Clip portable mp3 players released new firmware with 01.01.35 and 02.01.35 as the version number. Paying attention to the revision of the player, namely revision 1 or 2, which can be found at the beginning of the version number of the firmware. The release announcement lists several bugs that have been fixed and looks like this:

Sansa Clip Firmware 01.01.35 & 02.01.35 Release Notes

Thisnew firmware has various bug fixes, including key fixes listed below, as wellas enhancements. Upon completion of the firmware upgrade, the device will turnoff. Power on the device to complete the upgrade process. If the device does notinitiate or complete, slide up & hold the Power switch for 10 seconds toreset the device and then release and slide up again to restart.


  • No new enhancements

Bugs Fixed:

  • Portuguese display error in the language menu
  • OGG files crashing while fast-forwarding across track boundaries
  • OGG track caused Player crash
  • Dropouts on high bitrate flac files
  • Chirp at end of mp3 file
  • Device can’t play FLAC with Padding removed & 440hz toneisn’t audible
  • Volume is increased to the maximum when FF or RW key is pressedwith volume operation simultaneously
  • Device hangs in sequential operations of FM resume and channelsearch
  • French Language: Info section shows wrong translation for Power
  • Some Polish & Brazilian languages ​​are not translatecorrectly.
  • Some WAV files cannot be played

Known Issues:

  • Popping noise when changing the speed of podcast
  • EQ spectrum moves slowly when playing OGG contents that are 16KHz or below
  • Device in ON state will not be recognized by PS3 console when connected
  • Repeated songs in playlist does not playback properly
  • Playlist referencing content in Audiobook folder does not work
  • Icon of the device doesn’t display after standby or hibernate

Version number 02.01.35 / 01.01.35
Release status Final
Website sandisk
License type Freeware