PS5 accessibility controller Access will be released in December and will cost 90 euros

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Sony reports that its accessibility controller Access will be available for sale from December 6 and will have a suggested retail price of 90 euros. Users can customize and set the controller to their liking with different types of buttons and joysticks.

The Access consists of a round disk with an outer ring that fits eight buttons, with a button in the middle and a joystick on the outside. The outer button ring fits five different types of buttons, such as a wide flat button or a button that sticks out, depending on what is most convenient for the player. Users can map the buttons themselves and the controller supports profiles to quickly switch between maps.

Players can also adjust the joystick deadzone in those maps, turn certain button sequences on or off, and disable some of the buttons. The controller has three different joysticks, including a large one, which is easier to use. The Access can be combined with a second Access and a DualSense PS5 controller. Players can also connect third-party accessories via the four 3.5mm ports.

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