Driver Update: nVidia Detonator 12.60 (Win2K + Win9x)

M3DZone has put new Detonators online. It concerns version 12.60 for both Windows 2000 and Windows 9x.

You load the Windows 2000 driver here down, the Windows 9x version here† It is of course -1, needless to say that these are beta drivers and you install them at your own risk

Some more Detonator goodness . These 12.60s are from the NVIDIA Statistics drivers. some strange things:

  • INF File is from older versions (W2k: 12.40, W9x: 11.60) but the files are correct.
  • Readme.txt dated 05/17/01, files dated 05/18/01 12:00 AM

  • NVIDIA Quadro3 DCC support

Version number 12.60
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows 2000
Website MD3Zone