Software Update: Winamp 2.76

SpeedWell reported that you can get a new version of WinAmp at Nullsoft to download† The popular piece of software has been given version number 2.76, the following fixes were the reason for this release:

Winamp 2.76

  • Ryan fixed shuffle!
  • Christophe added IE URL drag&drop capability
  • Faster FFTs for vis on WAV/CDDA playback
  • Fixes RealPlayer’s .xpl association bug
  • AVS 2.5 (new effects, speedups, smaller presets, etc)
  • TinyVis 2001. Includes fast, highly trippy “Random Intelligent Visualization”.
  • Peter’s latest and greatest MIDI plug-in


Version number 2.76
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website nullsoft