Amazon makes it easier to order on American webshop

Amazon has made it easier for foreigners who want to order products through the American version of the webshop. Through the mobile app they automatically see the products that can be shipped to the destination country.

Amazon itself calls the International Shopping Experience, which can be obtained by a new version of the mobile application. This is available for Android and iOS. Incidentally, the changes are also implemented in the mobile version of the website.
From now on users must automatically see the products they can buy in the country where they are located. In addition, this is available in five different languages. There is also support for 25 different currencies, so that customers can see immediately what the products cost in their local currency. This year, Amazon will expand the support for languages ​​and currencies even further.
Many Amazon customers are abroad and use the American version of the web shop to order products. Often, however, the payment process only shows that products can not be shipped abroad, so many customers have asked for a “local” version of the web store.


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