Software update: Macrium Reflect 7.1.3147


Paramount Software has released a new version of Macrium Reflect. With this program a disk image of a partition or hard disk can be created. In addition to the free version, there are paid versions that offer various extras such as being able to make a file backup or an incremental backup, encryption and restore a back-up. up to hardware other than what it was made on.
From version 7.1 the free version is no longer only for private use, but can now also be used in commercial environments. Furthermore there is Image Guardian which has to protect backup files against unauthorized modifications, improvements have been made with regard to virtual images and several problems have been solved. The changes and improvements were made in version 7.1.3147:

What’s New

  • The Macrium Image Guardian system components have been updated to provide enhanced performance and reliability.
  • Macrium Reflect will now start a new backup set if encryption settings in a Backup Definition has been changed.

Bug Fixes

  • The Add Drivers Wizard in the technicians portable USB stick could fail to detect the correct version of Windows PE when reporting supported devices. This has been resolved
  • When restoring File and Folder files, incorrect toast notifications could be displayed. This has been resolved
  • For SQL backup, if the default SQL instance name was used and the Computer DNS name did not match the Computer NetBios name then the backup could fail. This has been resolved
  • Pressing the ‘Escape’ key while viewing ReflectMonitor would cause a termination of the ReflectMonitor session. This would cause a delay when restarting and possible loss or log data in the monitor Window. This has been resolved
  • Various bug fixes and changes to Macrium Reflect.