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Apple Watch may soon receive dials from third parties

It says a lot about the state of wearables as the fact that Apple might open the dial of the Apple Watch for third parties. Where previously it was only reserved for special partners such as Disney and Nike, new code was found in the tools which indicate that later dials from third parties will be supported.

Earlier that was not possible and as a third party you could only add so-called complications, small additions that you could put on top of one of the standard dials. It is a typical example of Apple keeping the door closed for the creativity of users and other parties, presumably in an attempt to ensure that the Apple Watch always looks classy. The change of the code does not even say with certainty whether this will happen: it is only a reference to other people’s dials.


It only focuses on the fact that very little is happening around the Apple Watch (and other wearables). The fourth revision of the Watch is expected in September and nobody has any idea what to expect from that. The upgrades in the last three years are not earth shattering and there are people who say that it is urgent to adjust the dial.

What an Apple Watch should do is actually the big question that only Apple can answer. With the addition of 4G and the disconnection of the watch from your phone something has been achieved, but on the other hand, there are more and more apps that the Watch no longer support. Is that bad? Many users already did very little with the apps and especially use the fitness capabilities of the device, despite the ever-increasing possibilities.

What do we want?

The same things that count with a smartphone count double for the Apple Watch: users want the thing to last longer on a battery, possibly the screen gets bigger (without making the watch bigger) and that the health monitor aspect is improved. There are rumours about a smart band, a camera, movement control, a heart monitor and even a strap through which the display goes. Possibilities are enough, but ultimately the question is what will make consumers enthusiastic. Apple may well be the market leader with the Apple Watch, but that says more about the competition than about the possibilities and price/quality ratio of the Apple Watch at the moment.

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