Activision Releases Call of Duty Mobile Game in the West

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Activision and the Chinese Tencent are going to release a mobile Call of Duty game in Europe and the United States. The two companies have not yet announced an exact release date for the game. It is a first person shooter.

The Call of Duty: Mobile website shows that it is a free-to-play game and that there will also be free updates. The site states that players will be presented with various multiplayer modes and that “favorite maps such as Nuketown, Crash and Hijacked will become available.” According to Activision, these are optimized for mobile use.

The companies have not yet communicated a release date. Activision and Tencent report that the free game brings together several maps, weapons and characters from across the Call of Duty franchise, including elements from the Black Ops and Modern Warfare series. The game is made by Tencent’s Timi studio.

Those interested can pre-register, although this is limited to the Android version of Call of Duty: Mobile. An iOS version will also be released in the App Store, but there are currently no registrations open for this. After this registration, players will have access to the beta, which will be available sometime in the summer and in certain unspecified regions.

It was previously clear that Activision and Tencent were working on a new Call of Duty smartphone game, but it was said at the time that it would be released for the Chinese market. The two companies now report that the game is also “coming to previously unannounced regions.”

The new game isn’t the first Call of Duty mobile game to come out. In 2013, Call of Duty: Zombies came out and a year later it was the turn of the strategy game Call of Duty: Heroes.

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