Atari delays VCS console to end of 2019 due to new AMD Ryzen apu

The Atari VCS will not be released until the end of 2019 for Americans who have supported the Indiegogo project. Commercial sales will begin in 2020. The delay is due to a processor change; the VCS is getting an as yet unannounced AMD Ryzen apu.

That writes Atari VCS on Medium. Initially, the VCS would be released this spring and run on an AMD CPU from the Bristol Ridge line. Instead, the console will get a Ryzen apu with two Zen cores and Radeon Vega graphics. This unannounced chip is faster and more efficient, according to Atari. As a result, the console will offer higher performance, while generating less heat and noise, the claim goes. The processor also has built-in support for DRM video from, for example, Netflix and HBO. The console will be able to display 4k resolution.

Due to the use of the new apu, the software of the console has to be adapted. Therefore, Atari expects to release it only in late 2019 for Americans who have supported the Indiegogo project. According to an update from Atari VCS’ parent company, Atari Group, commercial sales of the console will begin in 2020. According to the update, talks are still ongoing with distributors.

Atari writes to give more updates about the console in the future, such as more information about which games are released and what the operating system will look like. Earlier it was announced that the VCS will receive support for HDR, 60fps gameplay and dualband WiFi. The amount of storage space can also be expanded and Bluetooth 5.0 and USB 3.0 are available.

Previously known as Ataribox, the console comes with over a hundred classic Atari games such as Pong and Missile Command. This isn’t just a retro game console, though; According to Atari, new games for the VCS will also be released. The console builder has not yet indicated which ones those will be. Nor is it known how much the console will cost at launch.

Preorders cost 286 euros with VAT and shipping costs for the black version without controllers. For 388 euros with VAT and shipping costs, consumers get the black version with a joystick and controller. Joysticks and controllers can also be ordered separately. These prices still have an incorrect shipping date of July 2019. So they are not adapted to the processor change.