iPad Air 2019 vs. iPad mini 5: these are the differences

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Yesterday, Apple introduced two new iPad models: the iPad Air 2019 and the iPad mini 5. The two new tablets from Apple have a lot in common, but there are also some differences. We put it all together for you so that you can more easily choose which of the new iPads suits you best.

The size and the screen

The most striking difference between the two new iPads is that you can have not missed the format. The iPad mini has a 7.9-inch screen, just like its predecessors. The iPad Air has a 10.5-inch screen, where its predecessors had a 9.7-inch screen. The edges around the screen are slightly smaller and in proportion, you have more screen.

The advantage of the ultra-compact iPad mini is its portability. It is small, weighs only 300 grams and you can put it in your bag in no time. Or you can walk around with it more easily – handy if you use the iPad in the workplace. But this advantage is at the same time a disadvantage because a small screen is not ideal if you often watch gametes or videos. With the iPad Air, it is the other way around. It is slightly larger and heavier (450 grams) and is less easy to carry. You then again have the advantages of a large screen.

The iPad Air has a resolution of 2224 x 1668 (264 pixels per inch). The iPad mini has a resolution of 2048 x 1536 (326 pixels per inch). That means that the iPad mini has a slightly sharper screen. In both cases it is a Retina display: that means that the pixels cannot be distinguished anyway.

Smart Connector

 iPad Air 2019

The iPad Air has in Unlike the iPad mini, a Smart Connector. This allows you to connect accessories to your iPad. Do not imagine too much of it, because there are hardly any accessories available. Specifically: via the Smart Connector you can connect Apple’s Smart Keyboard to the iPad Air. The iPad mini does not have that option, but if that is bad …? A Smart Keyboard is as wide as the iPad is high, with the mini this keyboard would be very small and therefore impractical. So with the Air you can use a Smart Keyboard. It costs € 179. You can use a Bluetooth keyboard with both the Air and the mini.

The price

 iPad mini

An iPad Air has a starting price of € 569 – you then have 64 GB of storage capacity and no 4G. An iPad mini with the same configuration is available from € 459.

Similarities between Air iPad and iPad mini

The differences between the iPad Air and the iPad mini can, therefore, be counted on one hand. The number of matches is much larger in number. These are the most important similarities between the two iPads:

  • Apple Pencil support (1st generation).
  • Home button with Touch ID (fingerprint scanner).
  • Same processor (A12 chip + M12 coprocessor)
  • Laminated display with fingerprint-resistant coating & True Tone display.
  • 8-megapixel rear camera, 7-megapixel front.
  • Two speakers.
  • Available with 64 or 256 GB storage. [19659015] Available in silver, space gray and gold.


The main difference between the mini and the Air is the size. Don’t be fooled by the size, because the iPad mini delivers the same maximum performance as the iPad Air. Portability is the most important argument for buying the mini. But bear in mind that such a small screen can withstand a lot of media use and that the iPad Air is still easy to handle. We can imagine that you choose the mini if ​​you drag it from one customer to another for your work. Or if you often sketch along the way or make quick notes with the Apple Pencil.

If you mainly want the cheapest iPad, then you are likely to automatically opt for the mini. But make no mistake: the mini is indeed cheaper than the not the cheapest iPad. When it comes to the price, we still advise you to take a look at the iPad 2018. With the large screen, Apple Pencil support and a large 9.7-inch screen, this is the perfect family iPad.

Then the iPad Air. It’s for people who actually want an iPad Pro – Apple’s iPad for demanding or professional users, but who think the Pro is way too expensive. Whether those Pro functions such as Face ID, USB-C connection and support for the latest Apple Pencil find unnecessary adornment. The Air has a super fast processor, a large screen and support for the first Apple Pencil.

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