YouTube Music and Premium together have 80 million subscribers

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YouTube’s Music and Premium subscriptions have totaled 80 million subscribers as of September. That is thirty million more than a year earlier. YouTube Premium costs at least 7 euros per month and Music Premium costs 10 euros per month.

Who are eighty million subscribers not all paying users; this figure also includes a number of users with a trial subscription. It is not clear how much users actually pay for YouTube Music or Premium. YouTube does say that the two services have 30 million more subscribers than a year earlier. In February 2020, the two services still had 20 million subscribers.

A portion of the proceeds will go to the music industry. The streaming service announced in September paid $6 billion to music companies and institutions in one year. Thirty percent of that came from user-generated content, by which the company refers to videos that users upload and contain music from third parties.

YouTube now offers four subscriptions. For the music service YouTube Music, there is Music Premium, with which subscribers can listen to music without advertising, and can also download music, for example. This subscription costs ten euros per month. With the video service YouTube there is Premium Lite and Premium. Premium Lite only offers ad-free videos for 7 euros per month. For example, YouTube Premium also allows subscribers to download videos and access YouTube Music Premium. This subscription costs 12 euros per month, or 18 euros per month in a family subscription.

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