Chinese version iOS 16.1.1 includes time limitation for AirDrop sharing

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In the Chinese version of iOS 16.1.1, it is no longer possible to share AirDrop files with everyone indefinitely in time. After ten minutes, AirDrop automatically switches to contact-only sharing. This time restriction will be rolled out globally at a later date.

The AirDrop functionality settings menu contains three options in the Chinese version of iOS 16.1.1. The first option ‘Receive from’ prevents the iPhone in question from sharing files with others. Via the ‘Contacts only’ option, files can only be shared with people from the user’s contact list. The third option, “Everyone for 10 Minutes,” allows any iOS, iPadOS, or macOS user to share files for ten minutes. After ten minutes, there according to Bloomberg again only files are shared with contacts via AirDrop. Previously, there was no time limitation with this option.

Bloomberg has asked Apple why the feature is currently only being rolled out in China, but the American company did not provide a direct explanation. Apple said it wants to curb unwanted file sharing via AirDrop through the new restriction. The feature will also be rolled out globally at a later date. When that will be is not clear. Bloomberg notes that the AirDrop functionality in iOS devices was used extensively during the Hong Kong street protests in 2019.

AirDrop settings menu in Chinese version iOS 16.1.1

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