All iPhone 16 models will run on TSMC’s 3nm soc

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All iPhone 16 models will include a 3nm chip from TSMC, according to Morgan Stanley. The regular iPhone 16 will reportedly use a first-generation 3nm node. The Pro models would get a second generation node.

According to Economic Daily News, which was able to access the Morgan Stanley report, TSMC will reduce the production capacity of the 3nm nodes. TSMC initially wanted to produce 80,000 wafers with 3nm nodes per month, but that number has reportedly been reduced to 60,000 wafers.

Last summer, the Taiwanese news organization Commercial Times stated that Apple has started work on the basic design of the M3 soc that will be produced on a 3nm process from TSMC, the N3E production node. The 3nm process would have fifteen percent better performance and up to thirty percent more economical, but N3E would improve that performance even more.

TSMC announced in June that it will offer five different 3nm nodes to manufacture chips. The regular N3 chips will roll off the production line this year, while mass production of the N3E process is planned next year. After that, N3P, N3S and N3X nodes will come out.

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