YouTube app for PlayStation 5 supports HDR10

The PlayStation 5 YouTube app supports HDR10 after an update. The PlayStation 4 app has supported HDR for some time. Earlier this year, Xbox consoles also got support for HDR from YouTube.

FlatpanelsHD reports that the PlayStation 5 YouTube app supports HDR10 at 4k and 60fps videos. For this, the console uses the VP9-2 codec. It’s not clear when the support was added; the site reports that it came out with an update. YouTube’s support page for the PlayStation 5 does not yet mention HDR, where this is the case for the Xbox equivalent.

Like the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series consoles did not have YouTube HDR support at release. These consoles received this support in January this year. The Xbox Series consoles also support HDR playback at 4k and 60fps. With this update, Xbox One consoles also got HDR support from YouTube; on the PlayStation 4 this has been possible for longer. YouTube has supported HDR since 2016.