Will the first truly borderless smartphone be made by Lenovo?

Normally, a post on the Chinese social network Weibo with a sketch of a completely borderless smartphone from none other than Lenovo could automatically be trashed as a fake, but if the post in question was created by Chang Cheng, the vice president of the company, it becomes a different story. The sketch in question looks like this:

Breakthroughs and patents

In itself such a sketch is worth nothing: almost every concept of a new smartphone since 2010 is already playing with the idea of a complete glass plate with screen that is surrounded only by a small edge to keep the case together. Nobody has come to that point until now, because there are just things that need to be confirmed on that side. Solutions such as a fingerprint sensor under the screen have been under development for a long time at for example Samsung and Apple, but nobody has managed to perfect the system to the extent that it can also be used in a telephone. Apple has finally opted for Face ID and Samsung this year with that sensor should come under the screen . And then we have not talked about things like a camera and speakers that you still have to get rid of somewhere.
How should a company like Lenovo (with all due respect) suddenly find the egg of Columbus? According to Cheng, four technological breakthroughs and eighteen patents are being used for Lenovo’s next flagship. Of course, it is not stated what exactly they are, but it is muscular language in any case. Cheng says that the new Z5 consists of 95 percent screen and that would be unique. For comparison: the Galaxy S9 and the iPhone X do not go beyond 83 percent. According to rumors, the Z5 should come on the market around the summer, so we will then see whether Lenovo is the first to produce the completely borderless smartphone for the masses.