Google Duplex is a bit scary, but the parodies are already hilarious

Google Duplex the technology that makes it possible for a Google Assistant to call you to a company to make an appointment, has released a lot after the demonstration at Google’s I / O conference last week. There are concerns that Google has already responded to but that does not stop the jokys on the net from making parodies of the technology. Some of them show how far the technology could develop (watch the second video for that), but it is mainly laughter.

The points that are made in the videos are not bad either: if this technology is going to be broadened and available to many people, you can wait that relationships are broken and money is begged through the assistant and still much more. Any conversation that could cause a bit of friction would then be solved through assistants, with all its consequences.
That does not seem to be the case now, but a society in which most people stare at their own little screen for most of the day instead of communicating directly with each other did not seem to be imagining fifteen years ago. Things change. In that sense, humor is a glimpse into our future, when no heavy restrictions are placed on Google Duplex.
In the following tweets a good point is made: what if assistants start calling each other? Is there a (sound) signal so that the information exchange can be arranged without the human aspect and within a second? And what do we have to do when this technology is rolled out to call centers to ‘help’ us? The implications of this form of artificial intelligence are far-reaching, so let’s laugh at it for now, now that it is still a bit removed from us. The AIpocalypse is coming soon enough …

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