Facebook has removed 200 apps due to alleged data abuse

Facebook has been cleaning up in the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal . According to the company, some 200 apps have been removed from Facebook because they suspect that they have misused the data that their games and quizzes received from users. That says a spokesman for the social media site against Bloomberg. Those 200 are so far the only ones banned from thousands of researched apps.

All apps that had access to user data before Facebook significantly restricted access in 2014 are now being investigated. If the creators of an app do not get through the check or refuse, their app will be removed. That is not to say that all those 200 apps do not come back to Facebook: if there is any doubt, the app goes off, and if the follow-up investigation shows that there has not been any data misuse, he can go back. What apps are not known, you would only see that by seeing if your favorite Facebook apps are all functional.

Strong check

Those checks have not been sick: all apps have been examined for the possibility of large amounts of data, after which they could literally get a visit from someone from Facebook who came to look like FaceBook researchers in their first research and interviews did not receive enough information. In itself very well that Facebook does this, because it is the only way to get above water what possibly leaked outside via apps from third parties, but it is ultimately all mustard after the meal.

Evil – even if the researchers of Facebook find out – has already happened, and the user profiles have already been traded long and wide. So we have nothing if Facebook proudly tells us that they have put all kinds of apps that have been abused, because the abuse is not prevented and that we as users just needed. Not that the Facebook will eventually bomb a lot, because scandal or not, the share price of Facebook after a big dip after the outbreak of the scandal back nicely back to the old level.

Short memory

The memory is short with investors, but the big question is whether that also applies to Facebook itself. They have one of the best business models in the world and it will take a lot more than a scandal to change that, especially if they get away with saying “sorry” and a few weeks later are not very violent consequences . Then this research is not much more than a cloth for bleeding towards the users.


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