Will Apple soon launch a MagSafe power bank?

New to the iPhone 12 is MagSafe: a technique that makes it possible to click magnetic accessories on your iPhone. Apple already promised that various MagSafe accessories were coming. What about a power bank?

MagSafe power bank instead of Smart Battery Case?

The second public beta of iOS 14.5 was released yesterday, indicating that Apple may soon be releasing a new MagSafe accessory. iOS developer Steve Moser delved into the code and found indications for a ‘battery pack’: ‘To make charging more efficient and maximize battery life, the battery pack make sure your phone stays charged at around 90 percent ‘, it says.

We do not know a ‘battery pack’, but it is reminiscent of Apple’s Smart Battery Case: a rather large case with a built-in power bank. Apple actually releases such a case for every model of iPhone. The last time was in November 2019, a Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 11. Such a case never appeared for the iPhone 12. It is therefore obvious that there will be no Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 12, but a Smart Battery Pack. You click it magnetically onto the back of your iPhone.


MagSafe is a new feature of the iPhone 12. Magnets are built into the back of this iPhone, allowing you to click accessories on it. At Apple there are already among others MagSafe chargers and cardholders for sale. Parties outside Apple are also already working on accessories, such as iPhone holders and popsockets.

Apple is also considering the introduction of MagSafe for the MacBook Pro 2021 that should appear later this year. There it is applied in a different way: you click the charger magnetically to your MacBook. The magnet is strong enough to stick during charging, but will come loose if the cable is suddenly pulled or if someone trips over it. Apple previously used this technique for somewhat older MacBooks.

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