WhatsApp may lift the date limit for deleting messages

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WhatsApp has released a beta version of the chat service that may remove the time limit for deleting messages. In the current stable version of the chat service, users have more than an hour to delete messages for other users.

Via WABetaInfo

WABetaInfo discovered the extended uninstall feature with beta version The site, which often releases WhatsApp functions early, was able to remove an app message from August 23. The news site claims that the removal time is now unlimited. However, WABetaInfo also emphasizes that the feature is still under development and therefore it is not certain that the stable version will also get the unrestricted uninstall function.

Users have been able to delete messages for themselves for years, since 2017 they can also delete messages for other users. This only concerns the messages they have sent themselves. At that time there was a period of seven minutes, now this period is one hour, eight minutes and sixteen seconds. After this period, users can only delete messages for themselves, while the message still exists for the other users within a chat.

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