Amazon shuts down trading system in New World after bug that could duplicate gold

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Amazon Games has temporarily disabled all in-game transactions because players found an exploit that could duplicate gold. Players who use the exploit will be banned, according to the developers.

Community manager Luxendra writes on the game’s forum that “all forms of wealth transfer” will be disabled. These are all forms where players can transfer money to each other or exchange items. The trading posts and guild treasuries can no longer be used. The developers say that will last until there is a patch with a solution. When players can expect it is not yet known.

The developers are taking the step after discovering a glitch that allowed players to double their gold. Amazon does not describe how that was possible. An exploit was also found in October where gold could be doubled if they transfer their character to a new server region. That feature was later discontinued for several reasons. In this case it is a new bug where two players can give each other money and temporarily turn on the lag switch.

It is unknown how many players took advantage of the glitch. Amazon says it will take tough action against anyone who earned gold from the glitch. The extra winnings are taken away and players who abused them are banned. After the patch has been rolled out, the trading system will be re-enabled, the studio promises.

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