WhatsApp adds tool to delete large amount of media at once

WhatsApp has added a new tool to the chat app to instantly delete multiple photos and videos at once. The Storage Usage tool shows per conversation how much space media is taking up in it.

WhatsApp has been working on such a tool for some time, but is now making it available to all users, the company says on Twitter. The feature is called Storage Usage and is located in the settings under Storage. With the tool it is possible to select multiple media such as photos, videos and documents at once and delete them directly from the device. Previously, users had to do that themselves in their gallery or storage app.

The tool shows how much space is left on a phone’s storage and how much of it is occupied by WhatsApp media. Below that are suggestions for media that the user can discard to save space. These are, for example, media that are often forwarded and large files such as videos. At the bottom of the settings are the chats in which the largest amounts of media have been sent.

Users using one of those options will immediately be given the opportunity to select and remove media in bulk from the device. The feature is being rolled out to most users and is in version