Crashed metro in Spijkenisse is world news and trending on social media

Spijkenisse was world news yesterday. Even in the United States, where everything now revolves around the presidential election, it has been reported. A metro train crashes through the end of the track and lands on a work of art. It’s like art and the bizarre picture quickly became big news. Of course you don’t see a metro train on a whale’s tail every day. At about 10 meters height it dangles above the ground. Unfortunately, the artwork with the whale is not strong enough to carry the subway. That is why the new work of art, the metro, is unfortunately being cleared today.

Metro crashes on artwork is trending on social media

Precisely because it was such a bizarre sight, the photo of the subway was soon shared everywhere. And it turned out to be perfect inspiration for fun hookers and memes. Too nice not to share with you, so we kick off:

Subway recovery started

Unfortunately for enthusiasts, the recovery of the metro train has now started. RTV Rijnmond has even started a live stream for it. We understand that, after all Spijkenisse is not world news every day. Unfortunately, the metro train could not remain on the whale and you can no longer admire it yourself. Fortunately, we still have the memes!