Watchfacely: Discover cool watch faces for your Apple Watch

Since the release of iOS 14 and watchOS 7, it is possible to share your watch faces. So have you created something in the colors of your football team with the new Stripes watch face? Throw it in the group. Do you have a watch face full of complications that are ideal for photographers? Then you don’t keep it to yourself. But what if you don’t know a lot of people with an Apple Watch? Then take a look at the app Watchfacely. With Watchfacely you can find other people’s watch faces and share your most successful ones with the internet.

Watchfacely: Share Apple Watch watch faces

The app seems to come straight from Apple. On the “faces” tab you will find a lot of watch faces that end up on your own Apple Watch with a few taps. Before you actually download a watch face that you like, you can quickly check whether the apps used on it are also on your iPhone. Once the watch face is on your Apple Watch, you can adjust it in the usual way.

Are you proud of a watch face that you made yourself? Then don’t hesitate to upload it to Watchfacely. To do this, go to the Watch app on your phone and find “My Watch Faces”. Tap the watch face, then tap the Share icon at the top right: the smiling Wachfacely face is one of the sharing options. All very streamlined. It will then take a while before your watch face is visible in the gallery because the creators of the app check that no junk is being uploaded.