Useful apps for cooking

There are two types of people. People who look forward all day to cooking and people who prefer to order a pizza, but still peel the potatoes because they want to do the family or housemates a ‘pleasure’. For both groups there are apps to download that make cooking even more fun, or at least slightly less bad.

The perfect egg timer

Cooking an egg is like a Rubik’s cube. Every time you think you have succeeded, it turns out to be disappointing. Yolk too hard or too soft, while you really started a stopwatch. With the app ‘ The perfect egg timer ‘ this time you cook the perfect egg. The app takes into account the size, length and temperature of the egg. Then you indicate how hard or soft you want the egg. Then you turn on the timer and you can see on the app how the egg looks on the inside. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!


The app Left2Cook creates recipes for you with ingredients that you have left in the fridge. You can enter as many products as you want. With nearly 600 recipes there is a good chance that you will find a tasty recipe. Especially the Mediterranean kitchen is paramount in the app, because often no long lists of ingredients are required. Also good against the food waste!

Side chef

Have you just played meatballs with your hands, your phone is locked, after which you have to wash your hands and look up the recipe again. But where were you? SideChef helps you with this, with spoken instructions. That way you can cook without always having to grab your phone. The meatballs do not get better of that.

Kitchen stories

In the Kitchen Stories app you can see beautiful pictures of dishes. You can also view videos. You can also see your own recipes and those of others in the community. Enough inspiration!


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