Uber cycles into Europe

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Uber may have been banned in a good number of European cities, the taxi company does not throw the towel in the ring. Uber now also focuses on the electric bicycle industry. With JUMP, the company wants to respond to the increased fuss about Uber and Uber (pop), where individuals can play a taxi with their own car.

Bicycle parts

The idea for shared bikes originated in China. It is now sweeping to North America and Europe. Berlin is the first to turn. Traffic congestion, air pollution and access to cleaner modes of transport are all reasons for the electric shared bicycles. The bikes do not need a charging station. The JUMP bicycles can be attached to bicycle racks with a special lock. With the arrival of the electric bicycle sharing service, Uber wants to expand its services. Through the Uber app, people can choose which means of transport they need at that moment. The electric bikes are a godsend, especially in larger cities. In August Uber wants to launch the electric bikes in Berlin. Over time, other European cities turn.
An issue is that in Berlin there are also other competitors that offer single bikes. Mobike and Ofo and Limebike already provide a significant amount of colored bicycles in the streets in Berlin. Authorities try to limit the many borrowing bikes, because they are often dropped in parks or they cause congestion. With the arrival of JUMP electric bikes, this can become more organized. And last but not least, cycling is naturally healthy.

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