Valve reviews content policy from Steam

Steam is arguably the largest platform for gamers, which acts as a hub and as a point of sale. Many indie developers or early access games find their way to this platform. In recent years, Valve has built up a reputation for random action against certain games and vague rules. Recently there was the fuss about the game “Active Shooter”, where the goal was to repel an attack on a school and to kill people, and also erotically colored games that were correct. allowed suddenly removed.

Yet, after a number of these incidents, they have recently looked closely at their regulations. What exactly are we doing, why are we doing this and how could it be better to ask the main questions. Erik Johnson, software developer for Valve, indicates that making choices whether or not to allow games is not always easy. This is because it is all manually checked and it is not, as many people think, all automated.
“Unfortunately, the effort and time it takes to properly check all submitted games has resulted in confusion among our customers, developers and even our own staff. It quickly became clear that we had to manage this process differently. “Johnson said. “There are too many rules over the years and things have been mixed up. Actually, we want to go back to our basic concepts and that means that we as Valve do not want to determine or prescribe what our customers can or should not play. We also do not want to limit the creative freedom of developers by strictly determining what may or may not be on our platform. With this in mind, we have now determined that we basically want to allow everything on our Steam platform, provided it is not meant to be punishable, illegal or intentionally hurtful. “
Valve is therefore less concerned with what is and what is not available on Steam, but wants to focus on developing software for the users that they can decide for themselves what they will or will not see in their personal Steam environment . These new regulations will not be available immediately or in the coming period, but we are working hard to realize it behind the scenes.


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