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Leak: this is what the Samsung Note 9 and the new S pen look like

We know that there is a Samsung unpacked event on August 9 and we know with probability bordering on certainty that the Galaxy Note 9 will be unveiled there. That means of course that the device will slowly but surely be leaked between now and then and it has already started, thanks to archbishop Evan Blass .

He has already shown two pictures of the Note 9 on Twitter where a number of things can be seen. First, a number of colors. In addition to the good black, the Note 9 also seems to be made in blue and brown. The latter color is a little weird, because it is just not gold, just no copper but also no rose gold. Perhaps that is indeed the case and the picture is just not good in terms of color, that risk you always with leaks of this nature.

Special new S Pen

Where there is no doubt about it, the color of the S Pen that comes with the blue Note 9: canary yellow. It is the only one of the three that is contrasting and it is no coincidence that the graphic used in the invitation to the event. That S Pen is anyway exciting at the 9, because according to the rumors, the pen smart of itself, regardless of the smartphone. Apparently the pen is a bluetooth device in itself and you could use it to control timers, music and other things.

The double camera seems to have been placed on the side, so you have a horizontal row on the back of the phone, with the fingerprint sensor below. Whether that means something for the functionality is still the question, but it is striking. It is all speculation at the moment, but luckily we do not have to wait too long before we know the details. August 9 is just a little more than two weeks away from us, so we know it quickly.

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