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Nintendo Labo gets new vehicle package in the autumn

The extremely charming and fun Nintendo Lab will be expanded this autumn with a third package: the vehicle package. At least, we think it’s going to be called that, because at the moment only the English version is announced that is called ‘Vehicle Kit’. With this kit you can make all sorts of fun things from cardboard that then interact with your Switch.

The video of Nintendo shows that at least there is everything to be able to control virtual vehicles with cardboard: a steering wheel, a throttle, aircraft and even a separate control for a boat or submarine. There is even a separate type of ‘key’ that you can insert to activate a control method in the game that comes with the kit.

Open world for all vehicles

This new package seems to have placed a little more emphasis on the game that is bundled with the cardboard. Lab is already fun in itself if you are building most of the time but the images of the game that come with the package show that there is a whole world to drive through and that if you stop the key in another control method, you immediately switch vehicles in the world.

The game does not seem like a racing game, but more an open world where you can find things that you can do with your vehicles. Say Pilotwings, but with all vehicle types that can be made with the Vehicle Kit. Looks nice, but we only know what it will be like in September. The Vehicle Kit is going to cost $ 70 in the US, so expect a similar price in the Netherlands if the kit will undoubtedly come this way.

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