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These campaigns with Lego sculptures are really beautiful

Lego has always had the goal of realizing the dreams of children and that goal is reinforced by this photo campaign made by Asawin Tejasakulsin. It contrasts very beautiful situations from everyday life with the fantasy that might be behind it. This last series is not called ‘Imagine’ for nothing and there is a good chance that the campaign will fall into the prizes.

Imagine that you should build a scene like the one below. It is unfortunate that there is no data available on how long it took to make these scenes and how many blocks have been needed for that, because those were definite figures where even the extremely extensive and large sets of Lego can not compete!

Build the Future

The campaign is actually part two, because Tejasakulsin also made a series for Lego in 2017 that you can see below. It was awarded a number of prizes, including at the prestigious Cannes festival for marketing and advertising. In it you see children in semi-finished versions of their dream and that is also done seriously nicely.

Not only are the ideas behind these campaigns great, the execution is also just a little bit better than the big Lego set-ups that you sometimes see in toy stores. The campaign was so well received that afterwards plans were also made to put these sculptures into reality. It shows once again that with Lego you can really mimic almost everything, if you have enough pieces …

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