There will be a Boba Fett movie

The Star Wars -universum continues to be expanded and after the as yet successful (and fun!) Solo we can enjoy next year episode IX of the new saga. The following year, however, must also be filled and it could just be that we can then look at the escapades of the most popular bounty hunter from Star Wars: Boba Fett.

The Hollywood Reporter has heard that the film (once scheduled for 2018 but canceled during development) is back on the program and that director and writer James Mangold is working on a script for the Fett film. Mangold has recently also received the well-received Logan with his writing partner Simon Kinberg and he seems to be involved in this new film.

What exactly is going to happen with Boba Fett or what part of his life we ​​are going to see does not know anyone at the moment, only that the film is coming. The charismatic bounty hunter came to an end during the battle with Jabba The Hut at The Empire Strikes Back, but everything is a mystery to many, since the character has only been elaborated in lateral books, games and animation series. Since most of them ‘no longer counts’ the film can go in all directions.

There is also a chance that this film will be pushed back even further and that there will be an Obi-Wan Kenobi film in 2020. It is also (slowly) in development, but at Disney you never know it and so at the moment we only really know that the film is coming. It’s enough: Boba Fett is fat.v