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Prohibited auction of Ford GT 2017 yielded 1.8 million dollars

It is not only remarkable that a virtually new 2017 Ford GT (price: $ 450,000) already delivers 1.8 million a year after delivery, it is especially remarkable why it is: because he actually had not sold may be. Supercars are bought by the rich as if they were limited edition sneakers and the super deluxe cars are also sold in such numbers, with waiting lists and everything. Then you can piss well next to the pot, and if rich people hate something, then it is not getting what they want.

This ensures that a lot of supercars are ‘flipped’, just like sneakers or concert tickets. It is not uncommon for super- and hypercars to be delivered and then within a few months at the auction. Ford thought they were smart and signed an agreement with all the owners of the Ford GT in which they promise not to resell the car in the first two years after it was bought.

That strictly forbids the auction, but Mecum Auctions which sold the car up to the insanely high amount, had already tested with a judge and said that it had made it clear that the company was doing fine sell the car. Whether or not problems arise for the original owner of the car is another question, but if Ford’s punishment is only monetary, it will probably not leave a tear.

On the other hand, Ford has already sued wrestler John Cena because he did not keep to the appointment and he neatly settled it with the automaker. Whether the ex-owner of this GT is going to do that is the question, but as long as we do not know who that was, there is only one thing for sure: someone has really bought a very expensive Ford GT. But he has it.

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