The Division is getting its own Netflix movie

The game series The Division moves from the screen to the silver screen; Netflix is ​​going to make a movie based on The Division. There are few details yet, except that the direction is in the hands of David Leitch and the film will be set in New York.

Ubisoft gave few details about the film during the presentation of new content and episodes for The Division 2. In any case, the story is about the spread of a deadly virus in New York. With this, the film seems to tie in with the setting from the original, even though Ubisoft announced that The Division 2 will receive multiple updates in 2020, with which the battle will move from Washington DC to New York, among other things.

It is still unknown whether the film is made directly from content from the game, or whether the film is only loosely based on things from the game. A trailer has not yet been released and the same applies to a release date.

It is clear that the actor Jake Gyllenhaal and the actress Jessica Chastain have roles in the production. Director David Leitch previously directed Deadpool 2. Rafe Judkins is also hired for the screenplay; he was previously involved in TV series such as Chuck and Marvel’s Agents of Shield and is currently working for Amazon on the story for the fantasy series Wheel of Time.

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