Ubisoft shows first images of new co-op PVE game Rainbow Six Quarantine

Ubisoft Montreal is working on a new Rainbow Six game called Quarantine. The game is to be the co-op PVE counterpart to Rainbow Six: Siege. Apart from the approach, the game is very similar to Siege.

In Rainbow Six Quarantine, three players work together to overcome a threat that is not yet fully concrete. In any case, the publisher released during his E3 presentation and in a blog post that it is a mutated alien parasite. In the teaser, some sort of monster can be seen in the shadows and can be heard around the corner. The blog post goes on to say that players are “storming quarantine zones across the country in an effort to turn the tide for humanity.”

Rainbow Six: Quartantine will feature the gunplay, tactics and environmental destruction from Siege, Granger said in an additional video. In addition, the two team members shown in the teaser are Ela and Vigil, Operators from Siege. The games are therefore most likely set in the same universes. Rainbow Six Quarantine will be out for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows sometime in early 2020.