Roller Champions is a multiplayer roller skating game and will be released in 2020

Ubisoft has announced the arrival of Roller Champions. According to the publisher, it is a pvp sports game where players compete in teams of three against each other. The game revolves around the sports roller derby and is somewhat reminiscent of Rocket League.

Roller Champions is set in a futuristic future, where the roller-skating-based sport roller derby takes center stage. The goal is to score five points with your two teammates. In the existing sport roller derby and thus also in Roller Champions, it is all about possession and completing rounds. After completing five rounds with the ball, the match is won. Capturing the ball is done by tallying opponents.

The games in Roller Champions are accompanied by the necessary lighting effects, players can perform stunts and there are many different outfits available. A demo is available for download through Friday. The game will be available sometime in early 2020 and will be free to play.