Telegram update lets up to 1,000 users watch video calls

Telegram is releasing an update that allows more users to watch a video group chat at the same time. Through the update, the chat app supports video calls with up to a thousand viewers. The app is getting several other new chat features.

Telegram announces its “Video Group Calls 2.0” in a blog post. Not all thousand viewers can actually broadcast video images, the company reports. Telegram reports that thirty people in the video calls can actually turn on their camera or share their screen. The other 970 participants can only watch. Telegram will continue to increase these limits in the near future.

At the same time, Telegram provides the video messaging feature with a higher resolution. It allows users to record short videos and send them to other users. Telegram does not disclose at what resolution these video messages are now being sent, only that it is higher than before. Also, users in one-on-one conversations can now share their screen with the sound of their smartphone. Previously, this was only possible without sound.

The integrated media editor gets new features that should help users to “draw more precisely” on photos and videos. In addition, Telegram users can now choose to have their chat messages automatically deleted after a month. Previously, users could only choose to delete messages after a day or week. New password reset features are also introduced, new animations are incorporated into the app, and users can now set the video playback speed within the app.

Images via Telegram