Photo shows possible prototype Z690 motherboard for Intel Alder Lake CPUs

Photos of a possible Intel Z690 motherboard have surfaced on a Chinese social media platform. A Bilibili user shares images of one such motherboard, which would be used for Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake-S CPU series.

It is unknown which board partner produces this motherboard, but based on the VRM design with 23 phases in an 18+2+3 it seems to be a high-end model, VideoCardz also writes. The Bilibili user writes that it is a Z690 motherboard, noticed Twitter user davideneco25320 on. The motherboard is currently still under embargo, writes the Bilibili user.

It would be a prototype of a Z690 motherboard, so it lacks several connections. For example, the two 8-pin connections for the CPU power supply are missing. The LGA1700 socket is also incomplete. The motherboard also has three M.2 slots for SSDs. The leaker gives no further details about the motherboard.

Intel is expected to introduce its earlier Alder Lake processors and the Z690 chipset around the Intel innovation event, which will take place on October 27. The first products would be released between October 25 and November 19, Igor’s LAB reported earlier this week. The processors are produced on the Intel 7 node. That’s the company’s former 10nm Enhanced Superfin process; Intel recently renamed its nodes to provide a “clearer picture” compared to competing chip products. Details about the upcoming Alder Lake chips have already appeared, which would have two types of cores, DDR5 support and possibly also PCIe 5.0.

Images via Bilibilic