Software Update: Total Commander 8.50 Beta 15

A new beta release of Total Commander version 8.50 has been released. This program can be used as a replacement for Windows Explorer. Splitting the image in half makes it easy to copy files, but the program can do much more. There are various ways to modify files, there is a built-in ftp client and a multirename tool, and there is support for a large number of compression formats. Furthermore, the functionality can be plugins be expanded. Since version 8.00 there are separate downloads for 32bit and 64bit environments.

New in version 8.50 is, among other things, that when copying, moving or deleting folders or files, all items that do not cause problems are handled first and that the user is only asked at the end for the items that cause problems. Furthermore, there is support for touch scenes and screens with a high resolution, and the search takes place in a separate process, so that the main screen remains available. The following changes and improvements have also been made in this version:


  • Show thumbnails in virtual folders like libraries, only supports the Explorer method, no internal caching (32/64)


  • Could not enter header-encrypted 7zip archive with different password when password was saved previously (entering other archive) (32/64)
  • User was asked multiple times for the same password in some 7zip archives -> try the same up to 5 times before asking (32/64)
  • Abort unpacking of 7zip archive -> target file handle wasn’t closed, so the file couldn’t be deleted (64)
  • FTP upload in background: Also show error when upload of a folder fails, show different error messages for up- and downloads (32/64)
  • Lister: Ctrl+End didn’t go to the end of the text with Uniscribe=0 and any encoding other than the default when the text didn’t end with a line break (32/64)
  • Windows 8: Do not redirect to hard-linked folder when launching file and a newer version of IE10 without the hard link bug is installed (32/64)
  • Context menu couldn’t be opened with long touch (on a touch screen device) in sync dialog. Reason: Problem with Listbox control, search for MICROSOFT_TABLET PENSERVICE_PROPERTY (32/64)
  • Could not open SFX installer of FreeArchiver because the archive data was followed by 210 k of junk – TC only checked the last 64 k (32/64)
  • Shared folder icons were not cached when overlays were turned off (32/64)
  • Ignore dlls when trying to open self-extracting archives (by looking at the PE header) (32/64)
  • Auto-complete missing in new “CRC create” dialog (32/64)
  • New freeze on inaccessible network share only in admin shares when checking for shared folders (32/64)
  • Search for duplicate plugin fields: Percent value not correct when searching also for same names and/or sizes (32/64)
  • Still crashes in search for duplicate plugin fields when groups of files were empty (no match) (32/64)

The most important additions of beta 1 can be found here. A list of additions and corrections, also for previous versions, can be found in the history file. As usual, the update is free for all registered users.

Version number 8.50 beta 15
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8
Website Ghisler
File sizes

3.53MB – 6.04MB

License type Shareware