Google is serious about ending passwords: ‘passkeys’ are becoming the default option

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Google already offers users the default option to “skip password when possible”

Google’s plan to eliminate passwords is called ‘ passkeys ‘. It is simple, it generates different encryptions in real time and is linked to our fingerprint or unlock pattern. For some time now they can be used in Chrome and Android , but now Google has just taken an important step to expand their use .

Google has just announced that starting today they are beginning to apply ‘passkeys’ to certain users as a default option compared to traditional passwords. When a user connects, the message to use this system will appear in which it is not necessary to write a character password as such when we register on a new site.

The system works through Chrome and Android, where it is automatically detected if you have a passkey on a mobile for that service. From now on, the option to “skip password when possible” appears in Google settings . If we check it, ‘passkeys’ will be the default option.

This tool is not only from Google. It comes as a result of a project from the FIDO Alliance , which also includes companies such as Microsoft or Apple .

The main advantage of ‘passkeys’ is that by default they are more secure , since they are purely cryptographic keys and not passwords that can be stored as plain text by some services, which leads to security problems.

Passwords will still be with us for a long time. Although more and more applications are betting on these ‘passkeys’, such as WhatsApp , they have a problem and that is that not all browsers or devices are compatible .

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