Software update: MailStore Home 11.0.0


 MailStore logo (75 pix) Version 11 has been released from MailStore Home. With this program, which is free for home use, a back-up can be made of all e-mails. Support is provided for pop3 and imap accounts, the Microsoft Outlook Express programs up to and including Outlook 2016, Mozilla Thunderbird, Exchange accounts, Kerio Connect and MDaemon, online accounts such as Gmail and mailbox files, used by Eudora, for example. In this edition the following changes and improvements have been made:


  • Search: Messages can now be searched by their archive date
  • Recovery records are now stored in separate container files, contain all meta data of the messages and are updated in real-time.
  • Archive store recovery based on the new recovery records allows a rebuild of a corrupt archive store database without any need for export and re-archive messages.
  • Further hardening of encryption key file management to work around potential file system corruption.
  • Added TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 support to outgoing connections when accessing email servers
  • Telemetry data extended by hardware specs (CPU, memory, disk).


  • Missing window title in Terminal Progress Dialog
  • Incorrect help page requested on job page.
  • Output of VerifyStore and VerifyStores command does not contain hints about corrupt container files.
  • Pat h to archive store is missing in Windows event log when attaching a store.
  • Wrong error message if Outlook Click-To-Run detection fails.
  • Updated third party libraries to fix several minor issues in archiving, displaying and exporting.