Samsung releases five new curved monitors

Samsung announced five new curved monitors on Tuesday, ranging in size from 23.5 inches to 31.5 inches. All monitors come with a mode where less blue light is emitted from the screens to reduce user fatigue.

The company publishes the news on its blog. The monitors of 29 and 31.5 inches have a curvature with a radius of 3 meters, with the other three the curvature with a radius of 4 meters is slightly less strong. According to Samsung, the contrast ratio is between 5000:1 for the top model SE590C and 3000:1 for the rest.

The SE790C has a 21:9 ratio, which leads to the wide full hd mode of 2560×1080 pixels. The other monitors have the 16:9 ratio, with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and a response time of 4ms. The 27″ SE591C has the distinctive feature that the bezel and base are finished in a high-gloss white. The other monitors are either black or black metallic.

Samsung has not yet announced anything about prices and availability of the monitors.

Serial NumberFormat
SE790C 29″
SE590C 31.5″
SE591C 27″
SE510C 27″
SE510C 23.5″