Pixar releases RenderMan free version

Pixar has released its 3d rendering software RenderMan for non-commercial use. The film studio has used the software for various animation films and for adding visual effects to a number of feature films.

In May last year, Pixar already announced that the next release of RenderMan would be free to download. It took the animation company almost a year to actually release the software. RenderMan is only available in a 64bit version for Linux, Windows and OS X. In addition to the release of the rendering software, Pixar has also opened a community site. On it, animators can exchange knowledge about the software.

Pixar emphasizes that it has not omitted any features in the free version of RenderMan. There are also no time limits, watermarks or other restrictions. The company does say that it is not allowed to use the software commercially. RenderMan makes it possible to create visual effects for 3D animations and films, among other things. The software has been used in World War Z, Men in Black 3 and TED, among others. Pixar also received an Oscar for the program.